Sucker Rod Inspection

TS offers comprehensive sucker rod inspection and reconditioning services. Together with our proprietary data analytics, these services help extend the useful life of sucker rods and provide insight into the wellbore environment.

Our industry-leading facilities leverage best-in-class procedures that meet or exceed API specifications and operate under ASNT Level II trained personnel. A summary of standard sucker rod inspection and reconditioning services include:

  • Hot kerosene vat cleaning
  • Coupling removal, tumble-cleaning and inspection
  • Shot Peening utilizing the latest Wheelabrator technology
  • Electromagnetic inspection (EMI)
  • Multiple-point visual and gauge inspection: full body, pin-ends, threads
  • Magnetic particle inspection (MPI)
  • Specialized inhibitor coating
  • Grading and color coding
  • Bundling, storage and digital inventory management

Tubing Inspection

RTS offers end-to-end tubing inspection, refurbishment and repair services. Tubing failures result in costly well maintenance services and non-productive time. A professional tubing inspection program helps prevent premature failures and improve production flow. Our inspection process and SOP were developed in conjunction with the expertise of T.H. Hill to ensure the highest in QA/QC.

A summary of tubing services offered include:

Inspection & Refurbishment

  • Norm survey of all incoming pipe
  • ID/OD cleaning and/or rattling
  • Full length API drift
  • Electromagnetic inspection (EMI)
  • Cleaning and visual inspection of threads
  • Gaging of threads
  • Special End Area inspection (SEA)
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • OD Inhibitor coating
  • Storage and digital inventory management

Repair Services

  • Threading
  • Straightening
  • Paraffin removal

Wellsite Tubing Inspection

RTS performs rig floor electromagnetic inspection (EMI) as tubing is pulled out during well servicing. The EMI unit is bolted on top of the wellhead and allows the EMI operator to quickly identify and classify defective pipe, based on API RP 5C1 (or customer specifications), that should be removed from the string. EMI inspection detects tubing wall loss and related surface flaws such as corrosion, pitting, and rod wear that can lead to future well failures.

After inspection, RTS customers have access to inspection reports and our analytics tools on HawkeyeTM DMS. By combining the critical elements of the data puzzle in one place, HawkeyeTM enhances failure analysis and drives toward a solution.

In addition to utilizing the latest EMI technology, RTS inspectors go through a rigorous apprenticeship program followed by ASNT Level II certification.


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